How to use the google analytics adapter with the stream pipeline


we want to start using the google analytics plugin for the Snowplow JS tracker. According to this blog post, the adapter for GA events should work with the real time pipeline too:

However, is there a documentation, how to configure the stream enricher to properly process the GA events? Or does that work out of the box? I searched discourse and the blog, but did not find actionable information. Can you please point me to some wiki page how to configure the enricher or dedicated enrichments/adapters?

Thanks, Chris

Hello Christoph,

You need to have the snowplow-google-analytics-plugin enabled in order to mirror contents sent to ga to snowplow.

Once this is done, the ga adapter will pick up these events out of the box.

You can find more info in the blog post for the initial release which was initially for batch but the functionalities have been ported to real-time since then.

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Thanks Ben, i hoped for that answer, but even from the linked blog article, it was not really clear the adapter works out of the box.