How to track page scroll events

i’m trying to track the user scroll actions but i can’t seem to find the event on github docs / snowplow docs.
It seemed to have been added here:
How do you track this?

Do you want scroll progress or something attached to scroll actions?

Page pings will capture min / max for the horizontal or vertical scrolling (for each ping interval) but won’t capture increments at the moment. If you’d like to do something like 25%, 50% scrolled etc the easiest way to do this is either through Javascript directly or by using something like the scroll depth trigger in Google Tag Manager.

If i used the scroll depth trigger what would be the best snowplow event tied to that? Page view?

If you’re building an event that fires on a custom event, then I’d suggest building your own Schema and firing an Unstructured Event.

If that seems a bit too much for this feature, then you could always fall back to a Structured Event with a specific category for this type of event (although the custom event route is far better than this way in my opinion).