How to store kinesis enriched stream to redshift


I am using Kinesis Stream Enrich and it is working fine streaming the data into enrich stream.
I have checked the docs and storage loader require files to be in S3. Do I still need to put the enrich stream to S3 ? I am not using EmrETLrunner.
Is there any way to push data to
diretly from this enriched stream to Redshift ?

Could anyone please point me, what I am missing here ?

Hi @hemendra619,

Please, refer to this topic to find out how the streamed data could be loaded into Redshift.

Note StorageLoader won’t be able to load the data off Stream Enrich. You would have to engage Kinesis S3 Sink and EmretlRunner. The StorageLoader requires Shredding process which is not a part of Stream Enrich.


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Thank you so much @ihor These links are exactly I was looking for.