How to link enrich data to storage at local(stdout->stdin->postgres)

Hi All,

I am using stream collector(Stdout), Stream enrichment(Stdin) and postgres for storage.
I am able to enrich the data and able to store in file with below command.

java -jar ./snowplow-stream-collector-stdout-1.0.1.jar --config collector-config.conf | java -jar ./snowplow-stream-enrich-stdin-1.1.0.jar --config enrich-application.cnf --resolver file:resolver.json --enrichments file:/home/vipin/git/enrichments/ >> stream_enrich_log_file.txt 2>&1

Now i have to store it into postgres.


“schema”: “”,
“data”: {
“name”: “PostgreSQL enriched events storage”,
“host”: “localhost”,
“database”: “snowplow”,
“port”: 5432,
“sslMode”: “DISABLE”,
“username”: “power_user”,
“password”: “abc@1234”,
“schema”: “atomic”,
“sshTunnel”: null,
“purpose”: “ENRICHED_EVENTS”

where to keep postgres.json file, so that after enriching the data it will save to postgres.
OR where to configure the postgres.json.

Please help, struggling from past 3 days.

Thanks & Regards,

can you share me the enrichment file or how to set the enrichment and what the file should contain? And did you find the solution of this issue? I am trying to do the same thing in local server (ubuntu)