How to build EmrEtlRunner jar?

Hi folks,

I am a beginner and just started with Snowplow. Can anyone please tell me the steps to build the EmrEtlRunner jar with the source code. How can I build the above jar in my local Linux machine. There is no documentation available by Snowplow.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @deepak,

There is no need to build the jar. All you need is to download and extract it.

The documentation is here:

In the documentation the example still points to the previous version (r77); the latest version (r83) can be downloaded from this location:

Hi @leon

Thanks for the reply. But snowplow is an open source and if I want to build a jar from the source code how can I build it, I think there is a way there. I just need that. 
Thanks for your time.

Hey @deepak - if you want to build it, you should be able to run the ./ file (assuming you have all the pre-requisites downloaded)

Hi @13scoobie thanks for your reply. I am running ./ but i think i am missing some pre-requisites which is giving me error. Rake command not found.
Can you please tell me how to resolve that error or what are the pre-requistes and how i can configure them.
Thanks in advanced.

This is probably because rake is either not installed or not in your path -

verify you have rake installed: gem list --local
if not installed, (and using ubuntu): sudo apt-get install rake

and then verify it is in your path

If this is troublesome and causing issues, using the pre-built versions may be the way to go. Is there a use-case for wanting to compile yourself vs using the ones the Snowplow crew has hosted up on bintray?

Thanks for your reply @13scoobie, there is no use case for that but I just want to know how can I build the jar my self.
Apart from that I want to ask what are the steps inside EmrEtl runner job. I am not able to get any document from snowplow. Like the 1st step is Staging, elastic search, etc. Can you please provide me detailed information about the job. So that I am able to understand what we are doing inside the job.