How to ask a question?

This forum is designed to help you. To make it as easy as possible for the community to help you and give you a meaningful answer here are some tips in writing a great question.

1. Search, research and keep track of what you find

You can include links to other questions that did not answer yours to help others understand of how your question is different.

2. Write a one sentence summary and use that as a title

The title is the first thing that is seen; if it is interesting people will read the rest of the question.

  • Consider including error messages, API’s, specific technology or unusual circumstances that make your question unique.

  • Mind your spelling, grammar and punctuation. Make a good impression from the start.

  • If the title doesn’t come naturally try writing it last. That can help come up with a good description of the issue.

3. First the problem, then the code

Explain the problem as best as you can by expanding on the title. Include how you have encountered the problem and what issues you have encountered trying to solve it yourself. This also helps to prevent people from coming up with a solution you’ve already tried.

4. Proof read your question before you post

Read the whole question one more time and see if it makes sense. Do you think others would be able to understand the problem based on what you wrote? Are more details needed? Edit your question if needed. Accuracy is more important than speed; if you spend some time creating a good question chances are you will get an answer quicker than if you hastily post a question nobody understands.

5. Respond to feedback

If somebody is kind enough to help you out please let them know if it worked! (Even if it didn’t.) There is nothing more frustrating for a helpful member of the community than to post an answer after doing some research, spending time on thinking about the issue and finally not getting feedback on whether it was the correct solution or not.
If somebody asks for more details provide them; it means there are people out there trying to help you.