How can we do SQL enrichment with BQ

How we can enrich events from Big Query using the SQL Query Enrichment

What sort of thing are you trying to achieve?

The SQL enrichment runs during the enrichment stage (Dataflow / fs2) before the data is in BigQuery itself. Once the data is in BigQuery that would require a separate process.

yes data is in BQ i want to known process for it . should we have to create a seprate api to fetch data and do API enrichment or we can directly fetch data from BQ and enrich events

I think this depends on what you are trying to achieve. The SQL enrichment can’t be used to fetch data from BQ at enrich time so if you’d like to do this you would need to go with the API enrichment.

Hi mike its means sql enrichment not supported Big query

That’s correct - the SQL enrichment is unable to retrieve data from BigQuery. As BigQuery jobs often respond in seconds / minutes (versus OLTP style databases that can be measured in milliseconds) it’s often better to go for an API enrichment / warmer cache for these use cases.