How and where to create JSON schemas to track unstructured events?

I have successfully integrated snowplow but stuck on the unstructured events. my question is:

1- where we need to create scheema?
2- what is lglu? and how we deploy our scheema to lglu
3- in simple words i am stuck how to create and deploy json scheema?

I am using this in angular please guide. Any help would be highly appreciated.

I have solved ist point and able to created json schema using online tool the next question is how to deploy it on lglu repo. please guide

Hello @zaeem,

I’m glad was helpful for you, but for future Schemas I highly recommend you to check out Schema Guru (onlline tool). Basically, using it you can without any manual labor generate Schema for any-sized corpus of JSON instances, while not missing any key/property.

As for your second question, Iglu is a schema registry. It defines standards to identify and version Schemas.

We’re providing several implementations for Iglu server and easiest one (and recommended for now) is Static Registry (repo), which is basically just a static web server with predefined folder-structure. You can checkout our Iglu Central (which is example of static repo). So, to use Iglu with Snowplow you’ll need to upload your new custom Schema into corresponding path (like schemas/com.somecompany/your-new-schema/jsonschema/1-0-0) and use this URI (iglu:com.somecompany/your-new-schema/jsonschema/1-0-0) to describe your custom contexts and self-describing (unstructured) events.

Hope that is helpful.

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