Having struggle while generating read/write API keys for a vendor

I’m trying to get read/write API keys using the instruction guide here
I have already created super API key

However, when i tried to create read/write key using
the below CURL:

curl -X POST
http://localhost:8080/api/auth/keygen?vendor_prefix=com.snowplowanalytics -H ‘apikey: 1d9c7e70-012b-11e8-ba89-0ed5f89f718b’

it returns 404 not found
This is my scala-stream-collector config file.
Where did i do wrong? Please help!!

Hi @vuviethung1998 welcome to the Snowplow discourse!

When using this curl command you might need to quote the URL depending on your shell.
Try this:

curl -X POST
-H 'apikey: 1d9c7e70-012b-11e8-ba89-0ed5f89f718b'
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Hi @vuviethung1998,

Are you sure you’re its Iglu Server on http://localhost:8080? You mentioned Scala Stream Collector, but these are two completely different components. Asking because the URL looks completely valid Iglu Server endpoint.

Also, I’d recommend you to use Iglu Server 0.6.0 rather than 0.4.0 listed in snowplow-docker repo.

Just in case, there’s a new subcommand in igluctl 0.7.0 (which should be announced today):

$ igluctl server keygen --vendor-prefix com.snowplowanalytics http://localhost:8080/api 1d9c7e70-012b-11e8-ba89-0ed5f89f718b

Thank you. That’s exactly the problem!

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