GCS Loader 0.3.2 template missing


I was trying to deploy the latest version of the GCS Loader using the following command mentioned in the docs:

gcloud dataflow jobs run [JOB-NAME] \
  --gcs-location gs://sp-hosted-assets/4-storage/snowplow-google-cloud-storage-loader/0.3.1/SnowplowGoogleCloudStorageLoaderTemplate-0.3.2 \
  --parameters \
    outputDirectory=gs://[BUCKET]/YYYY/MM/dd/HH/,\ # partitions by date
    outputFilenamePrefix=output,\ # optional
    shardTemplate=-W-P-SSSSS-of-NNNNN,\ # optional
    outputFilenameSuffix=.txt,\ # optional
    windowDuration=5,\ # optional, in minutes
    compression=none,\ # optional, gzip, bz2 or none
    numShards=1 # optional

But the template was not to be found in the given gcs location.

Could someone help me out?

Thank you!

Hey @siv ,

Documentation was outdated, we don’t use the templates any more, we now run the loader with a Docker image. We updated the instructions here. Sorry about that.

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Oh okay, thank you @BenB

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