GA sessions are 4X when compared to snowplow

My sessions recorded on WEB for GA are 4X when compared to snowplow. Now my sense is that GA tracks non logged in users as well while snowplow only tracks logged in users and hence the sessions are more.

However, my problem is that on app GA gave us a session time which is double when compared to snowplow and 2X sessions when compared to snowplow. My understanding after going through the documentation of both services is that for GA, if the app gets killed and then re-opened within 30 min it all gets counted as the same session. For snowplow, if the app gets killed it ends the session. In normal app usage where a person is constantly switching apps, it could lead to different times captured by GA and snowplow with GA being significantly higher than snowplow- which does not explain more users on app for snowplow.

How do I reconcile these numbers?