Fixnum is deprecated

this ok?

[root@ip-XXXX etc]# /var/app/current/bin/snowplow-emr-etl-runner run --config /var/app/current/etc/ --resolver /var/app/current/etc/resolver.conf --enrichments /var/app/current/enrichments --targets /var/app/current/etc/storage_targets --resume-from enrich

uri:classloader:/gems/avro-1.8.1/lib/avro/schema.rb:350: warning: constant ::Fixnum is deprecated

uri:classloader:/gems/json-schema-2.7.0/lib/json-schema/util/array_set.rb:18: warning: constant ::Fixnum is deprecated

D, [2018-09-18T12:09:22.500015 #5540] DEBUG – : Initializing EMR jobflow

I am not sure, but it works for me despite of warning :wink: I can see yours starts EMR too

I believe JRuby/JVM version may be the source…

yup EMR works fine. just wanted to throw it out there. just upgrading everything to latest version and didn’t get this on earlier versions of EMR ETL runner