Failed to load tracker data from localStorage

Hi Team,
I am getting
“Failed to load tracker data from localStorage”,
this error from js-tracker v2.8 on stream-collector logs

What is this and how it can be resolved?

Where is this error being raised - is it from the tracker itself? If so where in the tracker code is it being raised?

object.OutQueueManager = function (functionName, namespace, mutSnowplowState, useLocalStorage, usePost, bufferSize, maxPostBytes) {
var queueName,
executingQueue = false,

	// Fall back to GET for browsers which don't support CORS XMLHttpRequests (e.g. IE <= 9)
	usePost = usePost && window.XMLHttpRequest && ('withCredentials' in new XMLHttpRequest());

	var path = usePost ? '/' : '/i';

	bufferSize = (localStorageAccessible() && useLocalStorage && usePost && bufferSize) || 1;

	// Different queue names for GET and POST since they are stored differently
	queueName = ['snowplowOutQueue', functionName, namespace, usePost ? 'post2' : 'get'].join('_');

	if (useLocalStorage) {
		// Catch any JSON parse errors or localStorage that might be thrown
		try {
			// TODO: backward compatibility with the old version of the queue for POST requests
			outQueue = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem(queueName));
		catch(e) {
			trackerFailed.logTrackerFailure('Failed to load tracker data from localStorage', e);

In this code snippet:

outQueue = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem(queueName));

this is the exception that is causing