Extract Marketo cookie and save it on Redshift (cookie extractor enrichment)


We’re trying to collect another cookie that exists on our domain (Marketo) and store it on Redshift.
We saw there’s a dedicated table for it - “org_ietf_http_cookie_1” under atomic schema, so we changed the config cookie_extractor_config.json and added the Marketo cookie name, but that wasn’t enough and didn’t work for us.
Do we need to make another change in order for it to work? maybe change something in the javascript tracker on our website?


@dor, the Cookie Extractor enrichment works on the request header and once the cookie you specified in the configuration file is found its name and the value is extracted and added to the derived context, org_ietf_http_cookie_1. This is a server-side extraction of cookies added to the header of the requests sent to your collector. You can specify the actual cookie you are interested in. The cookie in question has to be a first-party cookie in relation to the collector domain for it to be added to the header and extracted during the enrichment process.

If the cookies are set on different domains (not the one your collector serves on) then you would need to extract the cookies with Javascript and track them with custom event.