Error in parse snowplow's events in spark streaming


I get

Exception in thread “streaming-job-executor-1” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class$

while I using kafka spark streaming and want to parse snowplow’s events, I understand it is runtime error but is there any solution to solve it ?

Could you share how your dependencies are packaged for your streaming job?

It seems that the scala analytics sdk didn’t make its way into your fat jar.

I Think I solved the problem just by using this one :

com.snowplowanalytics snowplow-scala-analytics-sdk_2.10 0.2.0-M5

I find out the main problem for this kind of errors is just for dependency

MX artifacts designate milestones and so shouldn’t be prioritized over the proper release.

As a result, it should work with com.snowplowanalytics snowplow-scala-analytics-sdk_2.10 0.2.0.

Hi Ben, you are right!

The problem was Spark Streaming Kafka, and some dependency problem

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