Enricher JSON bads

Hey Guys,

I’ve noted that the Enricher JSON-bads don’t contain a carriage return between records, can I run the JSON-Bads against the s3 loader?

I’m aware of the event recovery process but I’m not quite there yet. In the meantime I want to put something together which will provide a better view, specially around some of the enrichments_failures. My thought is to use the s3 loader to accomplish this but figured I’d ask first before making the attempt.


Hey @kfitzpatrick,

If understand you right - yes, that’s going to work.

Enrich outputs records in compact string format, one by one. Later they’re treated as generic Kinesis records and downstream consumers, including S3 Loader, should add newline / carriage return bytes themselves.

Just in case - S3 Loader does add newline symbol only if configured with GZip output, Lzo used mostly for binary data.

Thanks @anton, thats exactly what I’m looking to achieve.