EMR bootstrap action solution for Log4j, how to specify bootstrapActionConfigs?


our IT security department warned us that the EMR instances used for the shredding have a log4j vulnerability issue.

In order to overcome this vulnerability a specific bootstrap action should be configured depending on the AMI version that we are using (6.5.0 in our case):

See here:

I copied the shell script into a bucket on our AWS account. How do I specify that in the emr-config.json.

    "bootstrapActionConfigs": [
        "name": "Elasticity Bootstrap Action Log 4 J ",
        "scriptBootstrapAction": {
          "path": "s3://our-bucket-STAGE/patch-log4j-emr-6.5.0-v1.sh",
          "args": [ "" ]


If we just specify the bucket where the bootstrap shell script is located we get the following error:

json: cannot unmarshal string into Go struct field ClusterConfig.BootstrapActionConfigs of type main.BootstrapActionConfigsRec

@mgloel This looks legit on the face of it. Could the string than cannot be unmarshalled be the empty "" you have in args? Have you tried "args": [ ]?


Hi @dilyan ,

Thanks for your reply. We removed the β€œargs” argument completely. Now it works. :slight_smile:

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