Distinct network_userid count is more that distinct domain_userid count

As we understand, network_id is third party cookie and domain_userid is first party.

So if I visit two different sites using same browser having snowplow implemented, I’ll have two domain_userids and one network_id (even validated this behavior just before creating this topic, it was correct for me).

In any case distinct network_id count should be either less than or equal to distinct domain_userid count.
But from data captured till now, we have network_id count more than domain_userid (approx 2.5 times), we have multi-site environments (2 sites).

Not able to understand what is causing such behavior?

A subset of your users is likely blocking third-party cookies, and you’re probably generating a new network_id for every one of their page views.

Hi jaredsilver,

Thankyou for your response.

Would like to understand what happens when users block there third part cookies?

  1. How is the network id generated then?

This depends on your collector and if it’s the Scala stream collector how you have your cookie bounce settings configured for the collector. There’s a bit of background on the implementation from @christoph-buente here.

Thanks @jaredsilver, @mike.
This was helpful.
We’ll check our cookie bounce settings.