DeviceID from SnowPlow - Javascript Tracker

Hi Folks,

Like SnowPlow User Finger ID is there any method or system of practice to capture User Device ID irrespective of Browser Type?


What device ID did you have in mind? For privacy reasons almost all browsers avoid exposing any kind of persistent identifiers. It’s possible to perform more in depth fingerprinting of a device but in certain places this falls into a legal grey area.

Thanks, Mike.
I am looking for a Mac Address type identifier from a particular user device. The device could be Desktop or Tablet or Mobile. Any recommendation for deep fingerprinting of a device would be good.

I won’t link to resources here but you’re talking about two different techniques (which if you Google various articles/papers will pop up).

  • Cross browser tracking: The ability to fingerprint consistently across multiple different browsers on the same device
  • Cross device tracking: The ability to fingerprint (and/or link) consistently across multiple different devices for the same user

Both of these tracking formats utilise different techniques and typically aim to find a trade off between entropy and stability over time. These formats don’t typically store data in local storage/cookies and make it hard for a user to opt out/remove so it’s important to seek consent from the end user before attempting some of the more ‘invasive’ forms of fingerprinting.