Denormalized context event_name / versions in events table

:wave: Question: Just curious if you considered the following moving forward:

  • I am using events with context’s frequently, so the main event gives the event_name in events
    I am just curious if you consider to de-normalize the event / contexts sent somewhere into the event?

Reason: Sometimes I am not sure which context was set and would like to have a programmatic way of finding that out in Redshift; The only way to know for sure would be to look into all tables and see if the root_id matches the event_id - Could also be that I am missing one piece / best practice here …

@poberherr, that approach is specific to Redshift. The other data stores do not require data shredding (taking contexts out of the event payload). You could examine your archive buckets (both shredded and enriched) to see what contexts are set. Athena is a good tool to assist: