Data Model for Mobile?


this is a bit of an open ended question.
We are integrating snowplow in an app for both iOS and android. The web model is quite comprehensive. When will there be a data model for mobile?
On the documentation it says ‘coming soon’.

When will it come? Or are there some other resources in the documentation summarising best practices etc.



We’ve recently started work on overhauling our data models. The first one (RedShift Web Model) is here in the new repo.

We’re currently working on a new mobile model that should see an open source release in Q1 2021.

Unfortunately we don’t really have anything concrete to share at the moment, but the general idea is that the fields in “” that are web oriented are replaced by the “contexts” that are attached on mobile events, such as “snowplow_client_session_1” replacing sessions and users and “snowplow_mobile_context_1” replacing user agent information. The typical Page View will be replaced by Screen view event data: “mobile_screen_view_1”. We also intend to include data from other typical mobile events such as “mobile_application_install_1”, “mobile_application_background_1” and “mobile_application_foreground_1”.

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Awesome. Thanks for the update. That was really helpful.

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