Cookie names between multiple domains

Hi Folks,

We have multiple domain sites.
For eg

So our first party cookie domains will be different for each site.

  1. Do you recommend having cookie names same for id and session cookie across all the 3 sites or we must have unique cookie names (for id and session cookie) for each site.

  2. Can the js tracker name be same across all domains?

@kaustubh.umalkar, both cookie names and trackers could be the same. You rather should be concerned about cross-domain tracking (if that’s what you are looking for) as indeed there will be different domain_userid for the same user on each of the domain (web app).

One of the approaches is to use network_userid which is the 3rd party cookie set on the collector domain. That is if the same collector is used the network_userid will be the same for the same user on all three web applications. The limitation, however, the 3rd party cookie (network_userid) is more likely to be blocked by the browser than the 1st party cookie (domain_userid) and thus you still might be getting different IDs for the same user (if the 3rd party cookie is blocked).

Thanks Ihor.