Communication not happening between scala stream collector and javascript tracker

I am using slowplow, basic setup and configuration of snowplow done in the local server(ubuntu),
collector(i am using scala Stream collector) installation and configuration completed,

In the tracker section(i am using javaScript tracker), i am confused that what should be their “MY-COLLECTOR-URI”?

How the communication will happen between scala Stream collector and javaScript tracker?

Where the response of tracker will be stored in the scala Stream collector?

Please help me…

The collector is an http endpoint which is exposed at some url (which you’re supposed to fill in “MY-COLLECTOR-URI”).

As per the documentation, the collector can sink events sent by the tracker to either Kinesis or stdout.

@BenFradet Thanks for the reply.
I changed my “MY-COLLECTOR-URL” to “ip:8080” eg: in my javascript tracker script.
Now the communication is happening between scala stream collector and javascript tracker.