Collector Response Codes

Hi :wave: ,
We need to provide some internal API docs for snowplow. Do you have documented a list of response codes and what they mean?
I can find the following which suggests there are other response codes.
Currently I can only get 200’s from the collector. Badly formatted events will go onto the collected bad stream but are there any other examples of where I might get other responses? I can only find this one issue from 2016.

The vast majority of responses are going to give you 200s particularly when you are collecting data. There are some other codes you might get back but these are typically from different (non-collection) endpoints. I think the full list is:

  • Redirect URLs (if enabled) will return 302s
  • The health check endpoints (/health and /sink-health will return a 200 if healthy, 503 if otherwise
  • For an endpoint that does not exist / is not configured the collector will return a 404