Can we make POST request with JSON body

I wanted to know whether it is possible to make POST request (with a json body) to external API in the enrichment step of Snowplow event tracking? I see the support for “enum”: [“GET”, “POST”, “PUT”] but in the repo I can only see that we can send a URI as a string. So is it possible to make POST call with a JSON body?

Yes - you can use POST with the API enrichment, the values you specify in inputs will be converted into a JSON object that is sent with the request.

@mike So let’s say I define two values in inputs(“id” and “name”). So when making POST request what I should I pass in as params or the values specified in inputs is sent directly as a JSON object? And will those two fields be combined into one JSON object?

The inputs are an array of objects, where each object represents a key-value pair. You specify the keys (id and name in your example) and also where to get the values from: either the Snowplow enriched event pojo (for any atomic fields) or a json that represents a custom event or context.

In the api section, you specify the method (POST) and the URI that you want to make the call to. The inputs will then be automatically passed as a JSON payload in a POST request to that URI.

"parameters": {
  "inputs": [
      "key": "id",
      "pojo": {
        "field": "user_id"
      "key": "name",
      "json": {
        "field": "contexts",
        "schemaCriterion": "iglu:com.acme/user/jsonschema/1-*-*",
        "jsonPath": "$.name"
  "api": {
    "http": {
      "method": "POST",
      "uri": "https://my_api_endpoint",
      "timeout": 5000,
      "authentication": {
        "httpBasic": {
          "username": "my_username",
          "password": "my_password"