BigQuery Loader - Time partitioned table

I got snowplow completely set up on GCP, using a CE for the stream collector and 2 dataflow pipelines for the other steps:

  1. Scala stream collector with PubSub (1.0.0)
  2. Beam Enrich (1.1.0)
  3. BigQuery mutator with BigQuery Loader (0.4.0)

Now, from reading previous entries I read that the 0.4.0 mutator does not make a time partitioned table and from what I know of BigQuery is that you can’t change a table to time partitioned.
I’ve also read the discussion (Google Cloud Platform data pipeline optimization) where Anton mentions: “Unfortunately Mutator cannot create partitioned tables yet - we’ll add this in next version. But right now you create partitioned table manually via BigQuery Console: Create table -> Schema edit as text -> Paste example atomic schema . Partitioning dropdown menu will automatically propose you to choose any datetime columns as partitioning key.”
If I perform this action, everything goes into my failed-streaming-inserts.

Can anybody help here?

If it’s going into failed inserts there should be error messages associated with each error that will help you debug further. Often this is the case if there are missing columns.

I’ve found an approach which works (
What it does:

  1. Copy the table in the same dataset
  2. Delete the original table
  3. Copy the copied table into the original name and make it time partitioned