BigQuery Loader 0.4.0 released

We have released version 0.4.0 of BigQuery Loader, our family of apps that load Snowplow data into BigQuery.

The main focus of this release is adding an additional custom metric to the Loader Dataflow job, to track latency between when an event hits a Snowplow collector and when it gets loaded into BigQuery.

After you launch the job, you’ll be able to find the new metric in the Job Info pane of the GCP console.


From this release on, the BigQuery Loader documentation will no longer live in the project’s GitHub wiki. We have moved the docs to our new dedicated website Snowplow Docs.


We have stepped up our release cadence of late and this release comes soon after 0.2.0, which brought significant changes. If you are upgrading from 0.1.x straight to 0.4.0, please refer to the BigQuery Loader 0.2.0 release post for some possible upgrade complexities and how to solve them.

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For the full details on other changes, check out the release notes: