Bad Rows for Collector


I was testing using postman to check if http requests with query params containing special characters will be categorized as bad rows by the collector.

Ex post request http://{url}/com.snowplowanalytics/tp2?test=$!@%23!%23$

I expected these requests to go the bad topic but instead they went to the good pub sub, am i missing something

PS: Using GCP

Thank you!

The collector / enricher won’t invalidate if you add extra query params so this is still considered a good event depending on the payload that you POST with the request (the same goes for the GET endpoint too).

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Hi @mike


I’m trying to replicate the generic_error scenario from the above image where my request has illegal characters, I’ve tried sending in all special characters through query params and as part of the body but nothing worked so far, GET and POST request.

Could you help me out?

Thank you!

So this is surpisingly hard to achieve - I think in part if you have uri-parse-mode set to relaxed on the collector (and Akka under the hood) which makes it quite permissive about URIs it will attempt to parse.

http://{collector}/i?e=% I think should give you something close (though it seems to be a collector_payload_format_violation which wraps the generic error). There might be another way - probably changing the parse mode is the easiest.


Oh, i’ll explore the uri-parse-mode setting as well as the ‘http://{collector}/i?e=%’ method.

Thank you @mike