Ask Snowplow Labs Anything - let's make community content together

You may be aware already that the team at Snowplow spun up a Twitter feed for our tech content late last year. Do give it a follow if you haven’t already! We are looking for new ways to get the community together (especially when events are a no-go) and push community-related updates to you. Which led us to our next idea.

These forums are full of great questions, comments and feedback from the community, but the answer is often only seen by the poster or if you’re experiencing the very same issue. It’s also very asynchronous and not the ideal place for deeper discussion.

We’d like to take some of your questions, answer them (and any follow on questions) in realtime, and share the discussion with the wider community. So we’re starting an office-hour style session, which we’re calling Ask Snowplowlabs Anything.

We’ve created a Google form for collecting questions. Once we have a few that we think will fill an hour, we’ll schedule a Zoom and invite the community members who posed the questions to join us in a discussion around them. We’ll publish the details of the call and invite the wider community too. We’ll also record it and share after.

Any “here’s my config, what have I done wrong” questions are still better for here. However if you want to know more about why certain decisions have been made, where we’re going, why, etc. they would be ideal for our Ask Snowplow Anything.

Don’t hesitate - submit a question today!