Application errors - where are they stored?

I’ve enabled the automatic error tracking in my Javascript tracker v3.15.0 that I typically use to send eCommerce data in an events table in BigQuery.

I can see in the Snowplow debugger that the tracker is capturing the errors, but I can’t find them in the BigQuery events table and no other tables are created.

Should I manually create a table? Are there any other changes required to the pipeline?



It should end up in the same table as your main events table (whatever that is called). Sometimes it can take a few minutes to show up if it is the first event and the mutator has not added the column to this table yet (it is added when the event is seen for the first time).

Are you able to access logs from the mutator? That should tell you what it sees each time and whether it has created the column successfully or not.

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Thanks a lot! I checked again and it works.

I probably checked the main events table too soon after triggering the test errors and that’s the columns weren’t there yet.

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