API Enrichment nil values


I’m attempting to use the api enrichment and I have a series of pojo inputs. One of inputs I am trying to grab is page_referrer. However when there is no referrer present it never makes the api call. From the documentation I read that

“If a key required in the uri was not found in any of the inputs, then the lookup will not proceed, but this will not be flagged as a failure”,

However I would like to send an empty string for that field in the uri if it is not present. Is there anyway around this?

Thank you.

Hello @jjorteg1,

I afraid you cannot achieve this using only API Request Enrichment.

However, if this is really crucial you can add new context using JavaScript Enrichment. For me it looks a bit fragile construction and JavaScript Enrichment will be eventually moved below API Reqeust Enrichment (now JS precedes API). But this is only possible way I can see.