Any experience in tracking subdomains for different languages with SP?

Hi everyone,

we have a webshop which is currently being developped to integrate more languages.
Our IT came up with the following solution> main url> for English speaking users> for French speaking users

and so on.

Each subdomain is allocated the same shop ID. Snowplow has already a pixel which tracks “” URLs. So far, so good.

Now, we want to be able to track and report:

  1. which sales happen in which language version
  2. cross selling, since some customers may be reached to by a newsletter in French, but buy on the English version, and so on.

The problem is the urls all share the same shop ID. I can’t see which markers we could work on to adjust the tracking.

I spoke about it with our IT already, not sure how to solve this. Does anyone have experience on such problematics with Snowplow? Is there any best practices for this kind of case?



Hi @Pauline,

Could you use the app_id to track this? i.e., for each language set the app_id to shop-en, shop-fr etc. Each purchase transaction will then be logged against the respective language.

Hi @Pauline ,

You may also think about default context with language.

Hi @Pauline - won’t a substring on page_urlhost give you what you are missing?