Analysis a User Journey with Tableau


I remember distinctly reading an article (I’m pretty sure @yali wrote it) that showed how to use Tableau to analyse an individual user journey (at the domain_userid level) in Tableau. Does it still exist somewhere?


Hey @jrpeck1989,

I think it might be this.

Incidentally, a protip on google searching: returns only results from discourse. returns only results from the domain and subdomains.

I wasn’t familiar with this post, but my first bet was it’s a discourse guide, so I searched: tableau user journey

And it was top result. There’s a lot of documentation to sift through, so it can be useful to do so.

Works for any Google search.

Hope that’s helpful!

Thanks Colm, but that’s not quite it. The chart I’m trying to recreate is the Gantt style chart, with each bar representing each individual event.

Also thanks for the Google search tips - as a former SEO I’ve used them before :wink:

Hi @jrpeck1989, there’s an article written by Nick about it, although it requires a significant amount of work.

Snowplow has integrated with Indicative to make path analysis easy. and

Alternatively, you can also use Disco, a software for process mining. I wrote an article on how to use it with GA360 or Snowplow.


I thought you might have known those tips alright, but figured it’s good to get them out there for the general population :slight_smile:

I’m not sure which article you’re referring to there but I’ll let you know if I can dig it up!

Is this the one?

The repo should contain pretty much everything that was on the old Snowplow website.

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That’s the one Mike! Thanks!

@Colm indeed, very useful tips.

@joaocorreia I’ve not seen that guide on using a graph database, I’ll look into this in more detail soon