Ami for setting up ec2 instance for emretlrunner

Hi there,

can anyone help me with the following, I’m trying to set up an EC2 instance for an EmrEtlRunner (following the wiki but the specified ami id (ami-60b6c60a) does not exist, probably because I’m on region europe-west-1 (Ireland) and not us-west (Oregon).
Anyone got any id what ami I can use to launch this instance?

@Anske, to set up EC2 for EmrEtlRunner, you can start from this wiki page instead: You do not need any specific AMI for that.

Thanks Ihor.

That’s exactly the guide that I’m following.
It leads to for installation.
This wiki then refers to for setting up the EC2 instance for the EmrEtlRunner. In section 5 (Run t2.small instance with Amazon Linux AMI with previously created SSH-key) of this wiki the AWS CLI is used to set up an instance from an image id.
This does not work for the given image id, so I will try setting it up from the AWS web UI instead, following their guide (select an HVM version of Amazon Linux 2 ami) …

@Anske, you can refer to this AWS guide for available image IDs: