Add fix to support android-app URI scheme in java-referer-parser

Hi, we are using java-referer-parser. For referer android-app:// where the scheme is android-app, I see the parser is returning the medium as unknown instead of social. I have created an issue in GitHub and also have a fix locally but unable to push it may be due to permission issue. I get following error:

ERROR: Permission to snowplow-referer-parser/java-referer-parser.git denied to shishirskumar

Can someone help me in adding the fix? Thanks.

Hi @Shishir_Kumar, thanks for taking the time to contribute!

I don’t see the repository forked in your GitHub account. I think that’s the blocker. You can’t push a PR directly to the repository because you aren’t part of our organization.
As explained here, you should fork the repository, put the fix in your repo and then push back the fix with a PR in our original repo for the review.
I guess you checked out the repo without to fork it.

Please, let us know if it doesn’t solve the issue.


@Alex_Benini Thanks for the quick response. You were right, I forgot to fork it.

Hi folks, I have created the PR to fix the issue around 10 days ago and tagged the authors. But I don’t see any reviews yet. Is there any other process I should follow before the reviewers are notified?


Thanks for the PR. Only Alex Dean of the people tagged in that PR work at Snowplow now, and Alex is the CEO so he’s a tad busy :slight_smile:

We don’t actively maintain this repository if I’m honest with you. I can see if we can try and find the time to update it, the issue will be releasing it as it’s still based on Travis so it’ll need moving to Github Actions too. Can’t make any promises on timelines unfortunately but it’s on my radar.