Access to XMLHTTPRequest has been blocked by CORS

Hi, everyone.

I use snowplow open source with GCP for track data from web-site to BigQuery:

On setup forwarding data throw Universal Analytics to GCP on domain name

In some case I take CORS error:

“Access to XMLHTTPRequest has been blocked by CORS”.

I tried configure CORS for google cloud storage by manual - Como configurar o compartilhamento de recursos entre origens (CORS, na sigla em inglês)

But it not working for me.

Has anyone encountered this error?

Can you check if your tp2 request is HTTP request, but your collector’s load balancer only accept HTTPS?

I have error with HTTPS requests.
This could still be a problem?

This looks like there is no preflight OPTIONS request, or an incorrect one, from that API. Is that a Snowplow Collector you’re sending the events to? Something looks up with the configuration, perhaps a load balancer or collector configuration issue.

Yes, it is.

Do you know what I must check for issues?

I’d check the response of the OPTIONS request your browser is receiving. It looks like something isn’t configured correctly, either your collector configuration or any load balancers that you have in front of the collector, so your browser blocks the POST request.