A look ahead at where the Snowplow team will be and upcoming events

Dear Snowplowers, if you wonder where the Snowplow team will be in the next few months, here is a list of upcoming events, which we are excited to announce. See list below and read the blog post here for more information.

Snowplow Meetup London number 4

Our London Snowplow Meetup #4 will take place at 6.30 pm on February the 8th, at CodeNode.

Snowplow Meetup San Francisco number 2

The San Francisco Snowplow Meetup #2 is provisionally set for February the 22nd at 6.30 pm.

Game Developers Conference San Francisco

We are thrilled to be going to the Game Developers Conference (GDC), the world’s largest professional game industry event, which will take place in San Francisco from February the 27th to March the 3rd.

Snowplow Meetups New York and Boston number 2

We plan to hold Meetups in both cities in w/c March the 13th.

MeasureCamp London

We will be at MeasureCamp in London, which takes place on March the 25th.

Snowplow Meetup Amsterdam number 3

The Amsterdam Snowplow Meetup #3 will take place on April the 5th.

MeasureCamp Amsterdam

We are excited to be going to and sponsoring MeasureCamp Amsterdam, which will take place on April the 8th.

Get in touch

Get in touch with us if you want to meet the Snowplow team when we’re in town, at or around any of the events above, or if you want to speak at one of our Meetups.

Sign up to the events today and we look forward to meeting you!