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I’m currently implementing Scala Collector and Pushing Raw Messages to SQS, decoding messages is proving tricky. I’m guessing there is a better way to do this than I’m aware.

I was following your github docs on how to enrich and parse raw message but its just a 404 link: https://docs.snowplow.io/docs/setup-snowplow-on-aws/setup-validation-and-enrich/

Can you explain best practice on how to decode / parse messages that enter SQS queue in AWS?

We’ve recently migrated domains, I think this might be the page you’re after: Setup Validation and Enrich | Snowplow Documentation

If you don’t mind, could you point me to the page you found the dodgy link, so we can fix it?

This is the page: https://docs.snowplow.io/docs/setup-snowplow-on-aws/setup-validation-and-enrich/

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Hi @sFrampton

We’ve just moved the docs to a new home and some of the old redirects have broken. Could you point me to where you found that link? As in, the url where you found the link and clicked it?

The page you’re looking for is here: Setup Validation and Enrich | Snowplow Documentation

You need to run the Enrich process to read the collector events, however, a typical pipeline doesn’t write to SQS from the collector, and as such the enrich library is designed to read from Kinesis. So I’d suggest writing to Kinesis from the collector and then setting up enrich-kinesis

I’ve just pushed some updates to the docs too, to help with this. They should be live shortly.

Right - and where did you find that link?

Sorry, misread here: snowplow/3-enrich at master · snowplow/snowplow · GitHub

same for For GCP Beam Enrich (docs)

Ah, thanks for clarifying. I’ve made a PR to fix those, thanks for flagging!