Unique Pageview in a Session & Engaged Pageviews?


Two very simple questions;

How do I get unique pageview count? E.g. he Homepage was seen in x% of all sessions)

What is the definition of an “engaged pageview”?


If you’re referring to the derived web model, then you can simply count distinct the session IDs from the page view table when filtering by the page in question. Something like:

   count(*) AS total_page_views,
   count(DISTINCT session_id) AS unique_page_views
FROM derived_model.page_views 
WHERE page_url_path = '/'

You can then use this sub-query in other queries.

According to the derived model SQL code, an engaged pageview is where a user has had a total “engaged” time on page of over a minute, and has scrolled more than 25% down the page. This is using the page ping feature of the JS tracker, so it it relative to how often those page pings fire (10 seconds, 30 seconds etc)


Thanks very much, super helpful!!