Snowplow JavaScript Tracker 2.13.0 released

We are pleased to annouce a new Snowplow JavaScript Tracker release 2.13.0.

2.13.0 is available on GitHub releases

Version 2.13.0 introduces the first example of edge analytics within our JavaScript tracker. Through a new callback function it is now possible to recieve the activity tracking (page ping) events in the browser and perform analysis of them in the browser, for example aggregating them into a single event.

This release also improves support for Single Page Applications (SPA) by resetting the activity tracking timers when a page view event is fired. We’ve also improved Beacon API reliability, particularly within Safari, and added improved error handling in the tracker initialisation callback method. We’ve also taken the opportunity with this release to remove all user fingerprinting technology within the JavaScript tracker.

Full Changelog:

  • Add activity tracking callback mechanism (#765)
  • Reset activity on page view (#750)
  • Remove user_fingerprint (#549)
  • Handle errors in tracker callback (#784)
  • Update beacon support to handle “gotchas” (#716)
  • Change setup process to use Docker (#782)
  • Fix al.optimizely.get is not a function error (#619)
  • Further harden the Optimizely integrations (#654)
  • Use local sp.js for example pages (#790)
  • Change deprecation strings to constants and reuse (#791)
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