Snowplow api documentation

I am looking for a documentation for the api’s exposed by snowplow. This is required by our security testing team

Hi @Shalini_Balakrishnan if you are talking about the OS assets you have three different projects:

  1. Snowplow Collector (no API docs but code for exposed routes is here)
  • You only really have routes for pushing information to the server - there is no auth or interaction available beyond the 200 OK you get back if an event is successfully pushed through
  1. Iglu Server (Iglu Server | Snowplow Documentation) - if you deploy this yourself you can also access the Swagger URL at the following path /static/swagger-ui/index.html
  2. Snowplow Mini (Control Plane API | Snowplow Documentation)

Is this what you were looking for?

Thank you. This helps