Snowplow and configuration via environment variables

Hi I am currently looking into snowplow, and it’s looking really great!

However one thing bothers me:
It seems that all configuration is handled via configuration files and not so much environment variables.

I would like to run the different snowplow components in a docker container on AWS ECS, but it seems I have to make corrections to them to let them take environment variables (12 factor app ?).

Am I missing something or is this just the way snowplow works?

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Ok answering my own question, it seems you can use environment variables.
You can write ${envvarname} and it will be resolved.

Maybe it should be added to the config examples…

Hi @khebbie - yes, you can embed environment variables in the Snowplow configuration files if you like, for a 12 Factor App approach.

Snowplow’s configuration surface area is much too large to be covered exclusively by environment variables, however.

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BTW if you’re using ECS then I recommend you check out Convox. It’s what we
use to deploy snowplow and it simplifies things greatly.


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Oh cool! I’ve heard good things about Convox.