Self-describing event (Unstructured)

Hi @rodion_zhukov,

Do we need to write link on schema like: 'iglu:ru.napolke.sp/schemas/ru.napolke.sp/main_test/jsonschema/1-0-0' or '' ?

Neither of these is correct. You need to use iglu:ru.napolke.sp/main_test/jsonschema/1-0-0. You’re not specifying HTTP URI, but Iglu URI. Iglu Client in Stream/Spark Enrich will fetch it based on your resolver configuration. Collector knows nothing about your schemas.

Sorry I never used Snowplow Debugger, but it seems it just tells you that your format of Iglu URI is invalid.


JS syntax is fine.

Where should I place schema

Current placement also looks okay.

How should i validate it

I think what you’re missing is enrich and loader step. If you installed just a collector - you cannot do much, it just collects data, doesn’t validate nor transoform into canonical format. There’s a recent thread explaining how to install those components.