Error in first time running dbt run for redshift

I’m trying to run snowplow mobile for the first time. I’m getting the error message below.
What I miss?

20:41:20 Compilation Error in model snowplow_mobile_base_sessions_lifecycle_manifest (models/base/manifest/redshift_postgres/snowplow_mobile_base_sessions_lifecycle_manifest.sql)
‘dict object’ has no attribute ‘snowplow_is_incremental’. This can happen when calling a macro that does not exist. Check for typos and/or install package dependencies with “dbt deps”.

I think this is actually a bug on our side where we haven’t removed a deprecated function and replaced it with the default dbt one. If you specify the version of snowplow_utils to be 0.14.3 for now this should work with no issues and we’ll get a fix out shortly

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This issue should now be fixed in the 0.7.3 version of the mobile package, it’ll be available on the dbt hub within a few hours. Please let us know if you have any other issues!