Distinguish between desktop and mobile traffic

Is there a way we can distinguish between desktop traffic and mobile traffic from name_tracker column in events table. We were able to do the same for non-javascript traffic ( in name_tracker we receive information about different non javascript platforms) but we could not implement the same for javascript traffic.

Why not using the “platform” column for that?

so, we receive web in platform for both desktop js and mobile js. But, we want some way to distinguish between mobile and desktop traffic.

depends of how much data are we talking, but you could try to change the platform based on anything you can find in the row to distinguish between mob and web and for the future I would set the correct platform type

@tclass we tried using is_dvcemobile, dvce_type but the numbers didn’t match with GA. Combined web platform i.e. js mobile + desktop mobile matches but when we separate them based on is_dvcemobile or dvce_type, we get variations. That’s why we wanted some way to get platform as : see the below link -


as stated in the linked thread from you, if you can’t set abitrary values in the platform right now, you should add the platform as a context. If you never worked with contexts before it can be a little bit overwhelming in the beginning, but it’s a really great tool everyone should know about if you working with snowplow.

@tclass can you give me a sample example on using context or link to documentation ?
Thank you

TLDR: With your “normal” event data you also send some JSON that belongs to this event. This additional data/JSON will be stored in a separate table (not the events table, for example platform_context). The separate table (context table) and the events table are connected with the event_id/root_id so it’s like a foreign key from the separate table to the events table

Thanks @tclass
I will go through the documentation :slight_smile: