Cross domain tracking with Snowplow Mini?

Hey guys,

Just set up a functionnal snowplow mini interface and can collect data from 2 external sites.
The only issue I have now is to track user between the 2 platforms.

network_userid values are different and user_id is just empty while I have the same sp_id in the cookies in debugger tools such as Fiddler or Chrome Console.
domain_userid are also different from a platform to another.
Do you know what kind of value I can use to identify a visitor across the 2 platforms?


Hi @mariusgold,

Please have a look at these two articles:

Configuring cross-domain tracking

This deals with settings in the JavaScript tracker to make cross domain tracking easier for the future.

This article deals with Identity Stitching:

I think that can help you along as well.

Hi @leon,

Very useful for me, thanks.

I will explore this path in order to track cross domains users and post here if I succeed in it.