Concurrent Web sessions for the same user


So yes you are correct the most recent page ping will have a different domain_sessionid to the original page view. An example of what this may look like:

page_view_id event_name session_id tstamp
1 page_view x 2021-01-01
1 page_ping y 2021-01-02

If you imagine running this data through the snowplow_web_events_time model, the CTE here will aggregate the page view and ping under the same page_view_id, irrespective of the domain_sessionid.

This table then gets joined back on page_view_id to the original page view, with session_id = x, in the page views model to get the start and end tstamp of the page view. This mean the original page view and therefore session appears very long in length despite the fact that the subsequent page ping has a different session_id. Hope that makes sense.

There is a more detailed post about this behaviour here. It might give you some ideas on how to handle this situation in the model.

Let me know if you have any more questions!


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