Any Snowplow users of Prebid.js out there?

Prebid.js is an open source (Apache License 2.0) library for online publishers to implement header bidding, from the team at AppNexus.

If you are an ad-funded (or partially ad-funded) online publisher, you may well be familiar with header bidding - it’s a new approach to conducting RTB ad auctions, designed to level the playing field and improve revenues for publishers.

We are exploring integrating Snowplow into Prebid.js, using Prebid’s Analytics API to emit events into your Snowplow pipeline. If we go down this route, it would be great to have one or two publishers in the community who already use Snowplow and Prebid.js to test out the integration.

If that’s you, then please get in touch - either on this thread or via email!

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Hi @alex, I have user (publishers) that use and other planning to use prebid.js

We as well have access to the appNexus platform as publisher/advertiser and are working in implement a pipeline for clickstream data based on Snowplow.

Let me know how we can help here.



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That’s great @spatialy! I have a call with the Prebid.js team next week; after that I can update you on the plan of attack?

Hi @alex, sure let me know how we can help on this … is an interesant project


Any news about this project?

Thank you

Hi @alex, this effort is forbidden?


Hey guys - no update from us on this I’m afraid - we just haven’t had the bandwidth to push this forward currently.

Hi. Has anybody tried integrating this with Prebid? We are are already using Prebid and setting up snowplow for other reasons, but I just went through the article on tracking through DFP and was wondering if anyone got this working for prebid analytics.